Please Help Me

by Funeral Advantage

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DA035 // PLEASE HELP ME, by Funeral Advantage.


released February 24, 2017

Written & recorded by Tyler Kershaw
Additional vocals by Jillian Kay
Mixed & mastered by Ian Van Opijnen
Photography & art direction by Tim Oxton
Layout & design by Dustin J.S. Watson

First pressing: Limited to 50 cassettes (15 translucent pink, 35 love's echo)

PLEASE HELP ME is also available on 12" from The Native Sound.
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Disposable America Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Please Help Me
It was starting to go wrong
I saw you can’t be alone
So I bought some flowers without you
“The realtor’s showing the house,
Do you need help moving things out?”
I'd like to be there just so you could choose
You said I made you feel alone
I thought something real was shown
I found an apartment near by
So maybe we could still try
I don’t deserve it but I caught a glimpse
And it's my fault because I ruined this

There was never another
And since the time that you asked me
"Do the dead hate the living?"
It was supposed to be a safe place
No matter what they should say
It's sad that she's still getting followed around
I looked into your heart
Said you were scared to have kids because the place you grew up in
She said "you don't understand; some things don't work out as planned."
This place was sacred, now we'll bury it.

So is it too much for me to ask?
But I miss those days when you gave back
And I thank god that I'm still alive..
Track Name: CEOT7K
Is it impossible to pretend you’re not alone?
Or is it harder because I don’t try?
Beside you, I’ve reduced to
An amputee, dead, always here but never again
I am at rest now trying desperately and still hoping to fit in

Bury me in earth’s hands
The birds told me something that I don’t understand
Nothing has changed, we’re still on track
This world gave me nothing, so I’ll give nothing back

Is it a problem to abstain from relief for so long?
You said I made you feel sick so I swallowed
Inside you, I felt used too.
And if you see Dan tell him that I’m looking for him
He is a ghost now trying desperately and is longing to fit in.

Bury me in earth’s hands
The birds told me something that I don’t understand
God please show me anything, ‘cause I’m your punching bag
This world gave me nothing, so I’ll give nothing back
Track Name: The Hanging Cage
My eyes were on you before, there was no “anyone else “
I think that someone might have disappointed your heart in your formative years
And I was only trying, calmly, to explain it to you
I swear you died when I was 16 but now you're right here

Holding me up, yeah you keep holding me then running away
I searched the whole world trying to find you, I wasted all my time to remind you
That I was making it up, control is under us and floating away
How many minutes underwater do you think it would take?

I'd like to go back before we ever had a chance
You opened your heart wide but I was standing there, stupid
And I was using under pretext of illusion to prove
That I could use the heating in this house to make a fire out of you.
Track Name: Shining
A Delight in your bed
And to think that I would leave you here
I'll think back to all the moments in those places you won't go near

Too young we’re amateurs
Too stupid to know we were
Too drunk to know I was still alive
Too young we’re amateurs
Too stupid to know we were
Too young to know we were terrified so I risked you out the back door

Do you still think it's immature?
Would you still stay with/fuck the thought of her
Would you still stay always and forever tonight?

So let me take you out tonight.
Track Name: We Lost Our Home
I don't want you
It’s no fair that I can't bring you
If I could go across I'd keep it inside
This was the last lie
You swore this was the last time
But the first half was so hard…

So I'll melt again
I had a feeling I'd felt again
I had this reason to know that I'd slowly choose to walk away again

I'm mad as hell.
I'm standing at your back door and I'm waiting for you to come out
What do you need, for me to get clean?
And for the cuts on all your fingers to melt?
Yeah you'll get them back.

I don’t get you
“How could they fucking like you?”
You talk about the safety of being alone
I wish that you’d talk more about coming home again

Yeah, we’ll get them back
Track Name: Lakewood Mausoleum
Underneath the saw
You don't have to make love so hard
This used to be a sacred place for us
You could lose them
Oh but I'd never know that I threw it all away
I've had enough cocaine
Here at the fire field
But at The Lakewood Mausoleum
You can know them

So what’s the point in all this?
There isn’t point in us living again.
How lucky I was to have had something
that made saying goodbye so quick

I don’t know why you think hell ia so far
She used to whisper ancient things to us
I couldn’t control myself, she knew I was afraid
She asked me “do you know them?”

I’d like to know it all.
I guess I’ll see you when I see you all down there.
If you look closely you can see them all.

Do you think that you deserve it?
Down at The Lakewood Mausoleum…