Body Is Dead

by Funeral Advantage

  • Cassette Tape (Ltd. 100)
    Cassette + Digital Album

    First pressing of 100 tapes (20 Red Glare, 80 Darcia).

    This release is under exclusive license from The Native Sound.

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DA020 // Body Is Dead, by Funeral Advantage

Written and recorded by Tyler Kershaw
Additional vocals by Chelsea Figuerido
Mixed and mastered by Ian Van Opijnen
Cover art and design by Elizabeth Jean Younce

First pressing: Limited to 100 tapes (20 Red Glare, 80 Darcia)

Body Is Dead is under exclusive license from The Native Sound.
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released August 28, 2015


all rights reserved



Disposable America Boston, Massachusetts

record label /// for true believers only.

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Track Name: Equine
I can’t believe that you actually came
Just put your words into my mouth and as I nod I’ll relive my mistake
They told me you weren’t there so I left
And what’s pathetic is I went home with you only ‘cause he never did

So please stay away from me and I won’t promise a thing
And if you’re a catch, I’m a throw
But I swear now that I didn’t look
I don’t believe it and I never did

Out on the lake there were stones that we throw
And in the palm trees they were hooting, they were laughing as the night unfolds
Stop naming every song that you like
Because we don’t care we don’t even think you deserve to know the time
Please Stay
Track Name: Sisters
Tell me it doesn’t hurt
Tell me it’s not the same
I’ll tell you you’re not the first
A sinking object in a lake
Let’s try and go back to before
Before you even knew I cared
I’ll make you feel the same again
With open eyes you look so dead
So you painted over the blue graveyard door
And you’ve broken that mirror
What if I don’t trust myself to try?
With my eyes shut and mouth open
I was yelling out the window now she’s dancing out of time
You painted over that black graveyard door
Taking shallow breaths as you walked away
Because I sang every word
So if you gave me another chance
I’d just make the same mistakes again
I’d pick you up again
We could make the same mistakes forever
Track Name: Should Have Just
You’re longing for loss
You’re fading away
You were never strong enough to say
Your plans were wrong
And now you’re here to stay
I was right, he was right
Now I’m hanging over
I am here forever
It’s tearing me apart it’s so unreal
We looked at apartments together
And we talked about the weather, fell asleep at the wheel
I hope I can shield my eyes because your smile is solid gold
But make sure to take pictures of yourself
So you remember what you look like
Track Name: Back To Sleep
You should have seen us before
I wish I wouldn’t react to sinking low again
And I will slowly encase
The world as it gets deep so it won’t seem so far
Just like it was before
The more I try to hold on, the more it disappears
The more I try to repress the things that made me this way
They will surface in time
As if unlocking a cage
Your feather ruffle as if there’s somewhere to be
I wish I wouldn’t react to the sound of four words leaving rest again
If you could do it again would you?
The more it disappears for you, the more I can’t let go
The more these feelings stretch, the more they enclose around my ankles again
Track Name: Cemetery Kiss
I don’t know what caused me to glance over in you general direction
“The sun is over the hill so now I hope nothing else happens”
This momentary glance, the cemetery kiss
You’ve held everything so now my hands are falling asleep
I don’t understand you, I’m circling around you
I think I saw you in my dreams but you were falling asleep
They say that you might lose your mind
So let’s not get carried away this time!
I don’t know what caused you to tell me that you’re starting to look just like them
It’s lonely in hell so I bet it’s lonely up in heaven
This momentary bliss, the cemetery kissed him
And withheld everything so now my hands are falling asleep
Track Name: Then I'll Look
I cannot explain this sudden urge for a sound sleep
This was the warmest heart I’ve felt before I met you
You were growling, you were growing, you were following me down
I’ve been afraid for like five years you wouldn’t work it out
I had a dream where I met you at our place
But I didn’t think that you’d see me when I shut up
You were bullish, you were grinning oh far away
You seemed fleeting but you looked like you might stay
So I guess it’s unfair of me to say that I miss you
But I’ve missed so many chances to say it before so how about it?
The timing is not right but when will it be right?
The timing is not right but when will it be?
Track Name: You Sat Alone
I know you, just stand up
You know it’s not my fault, it’s not my fault
You’re going to make it worse
Because I’m going to take you down with me
Not going to hold your breath
Just keep sinking
Because I’ve been thinking about losing on purpose for so long
I will not walk away until I’m dead
Well you can go to hell
Make up your fucking mind, but I’ll see you there
Call him awake
Or you can go to bed
Won’t that just solve your problems? I’ll see you there

Why didn’t you stand up?
If it’s not my fault then it’s not anyone’s
I will not walk away until I hear you say it
I want to hear you say it, so come on and say it

Why did you ask for help
When I can’t even dress well or comb my hair?
I guess I’ll go back to sleep
Confront you in my dreams but I never see you there
Track Name: Body Is Dead
Look away
All without knowing I should keep going
Ignore your face
It never happened
This never happened

And in this darkness I foolishly run
When I left I was so high but I don’t know how
And in this darkness I foolishly run to you
I couldn’t close my eyes because I’d been here before
Circled lives
You weren’t coming
I wish I was coming
Close my eyes
I don’t believe it
A story I can’t quite piece together without you
And in this darkness I foolishly run
When I left I was so high but I don’t know how
And in this darkness I foolishly run to you
You suggested we burn the lives of everyone we ignored

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